Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Cleanup in Christian County

The wall in this home in Christian County was starting to mold due to a leak in the Hot Water Heater. The baseboard and drywall as well as the studs in the wall... READ MORE

Moldy Wall

The wall in this Living Room in this home was starting to mold due to a leak in the water line from the kitchen. The flooring and drywall as well as the studs i... READ MORE

Mold in Office

The Office of this local business had quite a bit of mold growth after a leaky seal in a window went undetected and saturated the drywall. Our SERVPRO team memb... READ MORE

Water Heater leak causes mold growth

The moldy closet in KY was the result of a slow leaking water heater pipe. Notice in the before photo you can see the mold growth on the wall next to the water ... READ MORE

Mold in Nursery

The wall in this bedroom had mold growth beneath the Wallpaper. The homeowner was remodeling the room for their newest family member when they found the nasty i... READ MORE

Moldy Joists

High humidity caused mold on the joists of this crawlspace in Kentucky. The insulation was starting to sag and you can see the spots on the wood in the before p... READ MORE