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Spring Storms

3/31/2020 (Permalink)

Clogged Gutters Regularly check to make sure your gutters are clean.

Spring storms pop up in Christian, Todd, Logan, and Simpson Counties many times without warning. These rains can leave a devastating effect and cost thousands of dollars in damage. 

Being prepared is a small step to help minimize the damage. If you have a basement or crawlspace, regularly check your sump pump to make sure it is unclogged and working properly.

The Spring is also a good time to clean your gutters and ensure that your downspouts are properly diverted away from you house. 

We also suggest reaching out to your Insurance Agent and reviewing any policies for proper coverage. If you are not sure, ask your agent exactly what coverage you have any if there are policy limits to be aware of. 

SERVPRO of Christian, Todd, Logan, and Simpson Counties is always open and available 24/7.


Are You Ready

3/31/2020 (Permalink)

If you own or manage a business in Christian, Todd, Logan, or Simpson Counties you should have a contingency plan. It is not a matter of "If", but "When" a disaster will strike. 

From a Cyber attack to Fire or Water Damage you can never over-prepare.


SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Profile can capture all important information to help prepare for the unexpected. From emergency contacts to emergency shut offs, this FREE app based plan can assist in the preparation phase. 

Even if you have a written plan in place, the Emergency Ready Profile will add an additional layer of preparedness. We can incorporate your plan into this digital format that you will always have at your fingertips. 


Contact you local representative and schedule a free assessment and see how we can help save thousands of dollars by helping you prepare. 

Call (270)885-8811 or visit SERVPRO.COM. 


3/31/2020 (Permalink)

Firefighters standing beside a house on fire SERVPRO can assist with any type of Fire or Smoke damage.

Can you guess the most common causes of house fires? Fire damage may result in ways you least expect. Take precautionary measures now to protect your home from the following fire instigators.

  • Cooking equipment: Cooking equipment is the number one cause of house fires. Pots and pans can quickly overheat when left unattended or mishandled. Be sure to turn handles towards the middle of the stove to avoid children from accidentally grabbing it from the burner. When leaving the house, remember to turn off stove-top burners and ovens.
  • Smoking in Bedrooms: Avoid smoking in bedrooms at all costs. A cigarette butt can stay lit for hours and cause a flame after coming into contact with clothes or furniture. Open flames such as candles also pose a danger for many residents.
  • Old electrical equipment: Older lampshades and light fittings may build up heat, and weak bases could pose a tipping hazard. Electrical equipment such as these should be checked for faulty cords, and the power point must not be overloaded with double adapter plugs.
  • Flammable liquids: Liquids such as petrol, kerosene, or methylated spirits should be kept away from heat sources and stored properly according to their label.

Nobody wants to come home to irreparable damage. By knowing these common causes of house fires, you and your neighborhood can live a little bit safer. When accidents happen, SERVPRO Christian, Todd, Logan, and Simpson Counties is here to clean fire damage and restore your home quickly and professionally.

The Industry Leader

3/20/2020 (Permalink)

Equipment cleaned and staged for use We are ready anytime of day or night.

Choosing a company to work in your home following a disaster is not an easy task. The time immediately following a water damage or fire in your home is just the beginning of a range of emotions. 

The team at SERVPRO of Christian, Todd, Logan, and Simpson Counties are highly trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. This means that we are ready to assist with any type of disaster, at anytime. 

SERVPRO is the most recognized name in the disaster industry and we have relationships with hundreds of insurance carriers. This means that we understand the importance of relationships and handle each loss within the guidelines that the carriers have set. 

Additionally, SERVPRO uses State of the ART software to capture and report all critical data and information back to the Insurance Carrier and claim handler. 

Make SERVPRO your first call after a disaster and we will make it "Like it never even happened."

What to do until help arrives

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

Damaged hardwood floors Water migrated under the flooring.

Here at SERVPRO of Christian, Todd, Logan, and Simpson Counties we know that emergencies happen, which is why we offer prompt 24/7 emergency response. However, until our highly trained technicians arrive, there are some effective steps you can take to help minimize the damage being done to your property. Depending on the type and extent of the emergency at hand, different procedures should be followed in order to slow down the damage being done.

  • Locate and shut off the water source. 
    • If necessary, hire a qualified professional to fix or replace the damaged item. 
  • Check to ensure that any electrical items are unplugged. If not safe to do so, you should shut the power off to prevent electrical shock. 
  • Keep furniture skirting, draperies and other items away from wet areas. A good trick to keeping furniture skirting off the wet flooring is to use clothespins to pin them up.
  • Place aluminum foil under the legs of furniture. This will help prevent the carpet from absorbing the furniture stain. 

Additionally there are a few things to avoid.

Do not:

  • Enter any room with standing water
  • Use a vacuum to remove water. This could cause electrical shock. 
  • Enter a room with water leaking from overhead. 
  • Stand bare footed. Depending on the source and severity, there could be potential harmful bacteria in the water. 

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 at 270-885-8811

 We Specialize in Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration!

How To Save Money During a Mold Cleanup

3/5/2020 (Permalink)

Finding a large mold issue in your home or commercial property can be a financial crisis, unless you hire an outside cleaning service like SERVPRO. It is recommended to call a professional if the mold has grown in an area larger than 10 feet of space or if it has affected your HVAC system. Calling on us to tackle the problem quickly can help save you thousands of dollars. 

Money Saved by Using a Professional Mold Removal Service: $8,750 – $57,000+

  • Roof shingles replacement (without a warranty): $6,000 – $50,000 (depending on roof)
  • Drywall replacement: $100 – $200 per wall
  • Seeing an Allergist/Prescriptions: $100+
  • HVAC system replacement: $2,500 – $7,000

Hiring a professional increases your chances of the mold not returning and costing more money as it has time to grow and destroy more of your home. Finding the source of moisture should be the first step to preventing microbial growth, so make sure you are using dehumidifiers and fixing any water leaks present. Call SERVPRO of Christian, Todd, Logan, and Simpson Counties today!

How To Upgrade To a Smart Fire Alarm System

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke detector of fire alarm in action When you are ready for a change to your smoke alarm system, smart devices are a smart choice

How To Upgrade To a Smart Fire Alarm System

Many homeowners are intrigued by the convenience and added security of a smart smoke alarm system. A smart system can send a signal to your phone, letting you know if there is smoke in your home even when you are away. Before you take the plunge and get an expensive upgrade for your home in Elkton, KY, however, it's smart to start small to figure out what works best for you.

Smart Batteries

For some homeowners, smart batteries are the only upgrade they ever need. You use them just like regular batteries in every smoke detector in your home. The battery itself sends alerts to your phone in several situations:

  • If smoke is detected
  • If the battery power is low
  • If you want to silence the alarm remotely

Smart batteries are an economical choice, as they typically only cost about $15 apiece. If you have a small home, this means you can likely replace all your batteries for under $100. As an added bonus, you won't have to hear a constant chirp but rather one gentle ping when the battery needs to be replaced.


Another option that can be inexpensive, particularly for larger homes, is a listener. It, too, works with your existing smoke alarm system. A listener alerts your phone any time it gets a frequency from a detector within its range, and one listener can usually cover a whole floor of your house. Instead of having to install many devices, you just install one or two.

Smart Alarms

You may decide that you want to replace all the smoke detectors in your home. According to fire remediation experts, replacing worn-out detectors is an integral part of fire safety. If it's time to replace them anyway, it may be worth the cost to upgrade to an integrated smart system that can alert you to a problem no matter where you are.
When you are ready for a change to your smoke alarm system, smart devices are a smart choice. They add an extra layer of protection by letting you know as soon as there is a problem, even if you aren't home.

What Does Insurance Cover When You Have a Frozen Pipe?

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Broken and frozen pipe, right top of the picture it says FROZEN PIPES If you have a broken pipe, you should call repair specialists immediately

If you see unexplained water spots on your ceiling, or if your wall is bulging outward, you probably have water damage. Before you file an insurance claim, there are a few things you're going to need to know about the source of the water. Getting these answers can give you realistic expectations about whether or not your provider is likely to cover repairs.

What Is Covered

When they burst, frozen pipes cause a sudden and accidental burst of water to spew forth behind the walls of your home in Rusellville, KY. Because you could not have foreseen the problem and thus could not have prevented the damage, your homeowner's policy probably covers certain aspects of the recovery:

  • Water damage tear-out
  • Structure restoration
  • Secondary damage from original, covered incident

To ensure that as much of the water damage repair is covered as possible, call water restoration specialists the moment you realize you have a problem. Your swift action not only minimizes the total damage the broken pipe causes but also increases the likelihood that your insurance claim will be accepted.

What Is Not Covered

A broken pipe is still going to leave you with some out-of-pocket expenses. You are responsible for paying to get the pipe itself repaired. This service falls under routine maintenance, an expense your insurance policy doesn't cover. Your claim may be denied if you wait too long to get the problem fixed or if you are somehow negligent in doing so. Water damage doesn't go away on its own; it only gets worse the longer it's allowed to sit. If you take two weeks to call technicians for repairs, you may be footing the whole bill yourself.
If you have a broken pipe, you should call repair specialists immediately. They can get the problem fixed and give you the information you need to file a successful insurance claim.

What Can Be Saved After a Fire?

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

a space heater Space heaters are a cause of many fires in the colder season.

If you recently experienced fire damage in your Oak Grove, KY, home, you may be wondering what you should throw away and what you should try to salvage. Some items are definitely worth saving, while others need to be tossed. Here are three things that you should get rid of if they have been present during a household fire.

1. Food

Food can be chemically changed after being exposed to high heat, making it unsafe for consumption. It can also come in contact with water and other substances while the fire is being put out. If you have any doubts about a food or it was found opened, charred or soaking wet, it needs to be put in the garbage, particularly if it is perishable.

2. Cosmetics

Throw away your makeup or skin care products if they look to be burned or seem to have been damaged in another way by the fire. They may not be safe to use on your body after being exposed to different elements such as smoke and firefighting chemicals.

3. Medicine

Like food and cosmetics, medicine either goes on or in your body. As a result, it needs to be kept at a regulated temperature and away from any materials that could harm you if your body comes into contact with them. Do not hesitate to dispose of them if they seem to be damaged in any way or you have your misgivings about holding on to them.

While it may seem that there are many things you have to throw away after a fire, there are also many objects that a fire restoration company can help you salvage. Some of these things include clothing, documents and household valuables. Do some thorough research - you will be happily surprised to learn that there are many belongings that you will be able to save after a fire, helping you ease yourself back into a more normal life.

3 Types of Secondary Flood Damage That Can Affect Your Commercial Building

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

Wet wooden floor. Drywall damaged and taken out due to water damage. Floodwater affected drywall in Franklin, NY

Few Issues You May Want to Watch For After Flooding in Your Business

When flooding affects your Franklin, KY business, you may be dealing with much more than standing water in the aftermath. Secondary damage, such as black mold growth and foul odors, can occur days to weeks after the flood, even if mitigation is quick. If your commercial building suffered a flood, there are a few issues you may want to watch for in the near future.

1. Rotting Drywall

Any type of floodwater can affect drywall, whether it comes from a sanitary source or as the result of outdoor flooding. While exterior damage can be obvious, this building material can be porous and absorb water, which may cause the rear of the panels to rot. Over time, this rot may affect wiring and insulation, which will likely need to be replaced if it has become moist. A flood cut, which is performed by a water damage and remediation service, can expose this issue. The cut is typically made about a foot above the flood water line, which allows restoration technicians to see which sections have been affected.

2. Mold Growth

The moisture and high humidity flooding can introduce may encourage mold growth, which can settle almost anywhere inside your building. Black mold spores can travel through the ventilation system and find areas where dampness may help it spread. After a flood, it can be important to keep humidity levels down by opening windows and using floor and ceiling fans in areas where standing water has accumulated.

3. Wood Damage

Hardwood flooring and wood walls can be vulnerable to moisture, and flooding can be especially damaging. Moisture issues can cause buckling, warping and staining to the point where these materials need to be replaced. You may want to ask your remediation technicians about how the flood your building experienced might affect treated wooden surfaces.
Black mold, damaged building materials and other issues can happen in the weeks and months following a flood at your Franklin, KY business. Remaining vigilant about building inspections and staying connected to a flood remediation service can help you protect your property.